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Reocurring Grass Cutting Services
Reoccurring Lawn Maintenance Program Sign-Up Form
Full Name
Complete Address
Contact Number ( Home or Cellular Phone)
Contact Email Address
Special Instructions Associated With Lawn Maintenance (Grass Height, etc..)
Lawn Maintenance Request Timeline
Every Week
Every Two Weeks
Every Three Weeks
Once a Month
Payment Method
Online Payment
Pay in Person
Recieve a Green Envelope to Leave Payment
Request for Service Time
Lawn Maintenance Start Date ( This may fluctuate based on the season)
Agreement Terms, by submitting this form I understand that T.L.S. will provide maintenance to my lawn as requested until I request removal from this program. I am also agreeing that I will pay T.L.S. within 24 hours of receiving services. Although this is not a legal document, it constitute an agreement to pay for services.
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